Hoover & Keith Inc. is an independent consulting firm.

Our main office is located in Houston, TX, with satellite offices in Denver, CO and Detroit, MI offering a full range of services for projects having requirements for: 

Industrial Noise and Vibration Control

Mechanical and HVAC Equipment Noise Control

Environmental Noise Assessment

Building Acoustics



Established in 1978, our staff's experience in consulting dates back to the mid-1950's.  Hoover & Keith Inc. has provided consulting services in acoustics and systems design to architects, engineers, managers and building owners for a range of architectural, environmental, and industrial projects.  Some of our past architectural projects include office buildings, schools, hotels, residential, laboratory, and medical facilities.  Our past industrial noise control projects have been performed for petro-chemical plants, power stations, natural gas compressor stations, pipelines,  ports and loading facilities, offshore drilling platforms and ships,  and manufacturing plants.


Scope of Services...


Hoover & Keith Inc. provides consulting services suited to the particular needs of the client.  The consultants at H&K Inc. assist the client in developing a total solution that integrates acoustics, and system design with other architectural and engineering considerations.  Our projects have included work on the initial design of facilities as well as modifications.  Services include establishment of appropriate sound and vibration criteria, analysis of project needs, preparation of initial recommendations, detailed documentation (plans and specifications), on-site acoustical measurement and analysis, bid review, construction observation and reporting, and final system testing and adjustment.  Because H&K Inc. maintains a comprehensive range of precision test equipment, sound and vibration measurements may also be conducted when appropriate.


Hoover & Keith Inc.

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11391 Meadowglen Suite D

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Ph: 281-496-9876

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